Lopi Premium Wood Fireplace Inserts

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We build the finest wood burning inserts on the planet.
No other wood burning insert can surpass Lopi’s performance or quality. It takes the best engineers and craftsmen to make the best products, and we’ve got them!

Energy Independence
Lopi’s wood inserts deliver both radiant and convective heat that comfortably warms every room in your home for a fraction of what you’d pay for standard utilities.

No Power? No Problem!
These inserts do not require blowers to operate, and feature natural convection heat that will warm your home with or without the use of power!

Tested to EPA’s Cord Wood Standard.
Cord wood testing mirrors home use by burning split cord wood pieces and measuring the emissions through the entire range of a unit’s operation. Testing to cord wood produces true real world measurements that can be duplicated in your home.

We build the finest wood burning inserts on the planet. Proudly built in the USA, our wood inserts are designed to stand up to the rigors of time. When you buy a Lopi®, you’re buying the best.


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Lopi® has been North America’s favorite choice in fire for over 40 years. Their reputation for solid craftsmanship, reliable performance, low emissions, and unbeatable heating efficiency has been a winning combination year after year, and the favorite fire of families across the nation. Lopi® heating appliances are designed and hand-assembled at our state-of-the-art factory in Mukilteo, Washington. They’ve learned and grown with every unit we’ve built over the years, but some things that haven’t changed are the beauty of our stoves, the performance you can trust, and our commitment to your satisfaction. Whether you are new to the family of Lopi® heating appliances or already a part of our family, we invite you to take a look at our website. We know you’ll find a Lopi® you’re going to love! To learn more, visit https://www.lopistoves.com/

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